Death Saddle Syndicate is a powerhouse rock trio out of New Haven, Connecticut. The lineup includes singing drummer Michael Davis-Penta, virtuoso bassist Jedd Chlebowski, and guitarist John Leonard. This band redefines the meaning of “do-it-yourself”, with all three members writing original content, and John Leonard acting as their recording engineer.  With all three members controlling 100% of content, production, and distribution, this band truly has no creative or musical limitations. 

​            Since Death Saddle Syndicate first began collaborating in the summer of 2016, they have consistently produced nuanced EPs with a wide variety of texture. Their diverse musical backgrounds and experience means that each of their 10 produced songs, whether it be dynamic and melody-driven or up-tempo riff rock, is executed with a dexterity that can only come from years of hands-on writing and musical experience. Each of their three albums includes soaring vocals, articulate guitar solos, and moving bass lines that demand attention. 

       With influences spanning throughout rock history, fans of the genre both past and present will feel both nostalgic and refreshed at this new take on classic rock. Combined, the band members have over two decades of performance experience in the local CT and regional music scene, having performed with many notable groups including Adios Pantalones, 6Train Soldier, Eightfold, The Michael Cleary Band, No Line North, Punch Bowl Drive, Stickman Boomerang, and an expansive list of projects for hire. 

        This band has everything a seasoned rock fan is looking for: award-winning vocals, keen musicianship, and an unparalleled ability to communicate honestly through their music. Death Saddle Syndicate’s releases have since been promoted on live radio such as 88.1 WESU Middletown, WHUS Alternative, and Cyngus Radio, as well as multiple online platforms from reviews to playlist features.  Listen to Death Saddle Syndicate’s music on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and many more digital distribution outlets.