Death Saddle Syndicate is a powerhouse rock trio out of New Haven, Connecticut. The lineup includes singing drummer Michael Davis-Penta, bassist Jedd Chlebowski, and guitarist John Leonard. This band redefines the meaning of “do-it-yourself”, with all three members writing original content, and John Leonard acting as their recording engineer.  With all three members controlling 100% of content, production, and distribution, this band truly has no creative or musical limitations. 

​            Since Death Saddle Syndicate first began collaborating in the summer of 2016, they have consistently produced nuanced EPs with a wide variety of texture. Their diverse musical backgrounds and experience means that each of their 10 produced songs, whether it be dynamic and melody-driven or up-tempo riff rock, is executed with a dexterity that  can only come from years of hands-on writing and musical experience... Read More



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